Over 280 million people suffer from depression around the world, over 800,000 people commit suicide each year and these statistics are not including un documented cases and numbers.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

This book is an opportunity for long-term sufferers of depression to gain different perspectives on environmental factors influencing depression and to find insight into several different ways to treat and heal depression, with a more ecological and holistic approach. Based on research over the last twenty years, that acknowledges depression as a multifaceted umbrella term hosting an intrinsic number of problems associated with the environment. The contemporary lifestyle has been the cause of many health problems related to chronic inflammation and health issues connected to poor nutrition and poor diet. Immune system activation, autoimmune illnesses and synthetic electromagnetic interferences such as Geopathic stress, are becoming increasingly more prevalent as technology evolves, and these are affecting human well-being.

We also look at the bigger picture and possibilities of why we live in a time of global depression and why depression is so prevalent in Western cultures. We look at reasons that influence humanity from an in-depth ecological perspective and how environmental degradation influences and increases human depression. This is a unique viewpoint that is rarely considered in public discussions on depression nor is it addressed enough by the psychological experts.

Yet, it is vital to include ecological and environmental factors that contribute to depression, and the scientific research, statistics and peer-reviewed journals are mounting on this topic, of how our polluted environment is affecting our brains, health and consciousness.

If human consciousness is to change and transcend the current destructive paradigm, driven by globalization, this problem needs to be discussed and researched. More importantly, action needs to be taken by all, especially governments and lawmakers to improve the degradation of environmental protection laws and to protect people’s health by making every aspect of industry and society more ecologically sustainable. Sadly though, the opposite is more ubiquitous with politicians making decisions influenced by corporate lobbyists who pay them large sums of money to scrap environmental laws.

The latest research has shown that air pollution is one influencing factor of depression. Reducing pollution and industrial waste and switching from petroleum to greener alternatives such as water fuel cell cars and electric cars to cut air pollution will help reduce the problem. Depression is not just a result of mental or physical illness or personal issues and brain chemical imbalances, other root causes, such as a by-product of poor nutrition and a significant expansion of technological development causing environmental influences such as electromagnetic over-stimulation. These are causing geopathic stress from electromagnetic frequencies and radio wave frequencies such as the introduction of 5G and 6G microwaves used for our cell phones and internet, which hundreds of thousands of scientists have raised concerns about.

Other matters that are controversial, but since the technology is being used, public awareness and a need for a public inquiry on this topic is vital. We need to have more open discussions on these technological advances of Artificial Intelligence, especially patents that are remotely monitoring and mapping the human brain, including testing on individuals without their knowledge or consent which could be detrimentally affecting human mental health. We also look at the Western lifestyle and cultural values, which would benefit from a more ecological and holistic shift in our values to improve our internal body ecology and mind- ecology and be more connected to nature.

by Carlita Shaw


Surviving Depression in a Depressing World-An Ecological Perspective

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”I found this book, despite its length, to be an easy, fast, enjoyable read. The book starts out with the author’s story of becoming an environmentalist, and her battle with depression throughout her life, especially when her husband committed suicide. She always found nature and animals soothing. Full of information about the causes and cures for depression, it includes many juicy factoids, such as using LSD to reboot the brain, just as you reboot a computer to get it working properly.

The unique twist to this book is its link to the environment in causing depression: “…it could be that the global rise in depression is a subconscious reaction to the worldwide destruction of our environment,” which makes sense since we are creatures that are healed by nature. Yet we are bombarded with countless toxins on a regular basis. The author emphasizes going gluten free, because even wheat has become so hybrid that it’s toxic.

We also find how nutritional and various talk therapies can help. The author includes a delightful and inspiring poem she wrote with each chapter. I highly recommend this book if you or any of your loved ones suffer this mental disorder which has grown rampant in our modern societies.”

–Susan Schenck, author of The Live Food Factor and Beyond Broccoli does raw and low carb food classes and health coaching. Another book of hers you might enjoy is Expats in Cuenca, Ecuador: The Magic & The Madness. livefoodfactor@yahoo.com

Hamish Miller, one of the major influences on my environmental and energy work over 22 years ago before when I set up an NGO, he founded Parallel Communities and Transition Towns, his vision was way before  Ubuntu,  and  Contributionism, or others that later followed. I was fortunate to have written to him and he  shared his stories and thoughts with me we wrote, before he died.

 ”Repression of the ecological unconscious is the deepest root of many of the psychological, social, ecological, spiritual, and physical problems in contemporary industrial society. Ecocidal policies do not only attack and devastate ‘external’ nature but our ‘internal’ natures as well. This is why deep ecology is about ‘Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind’‘ – Theodore Roszak


Istak, a Shiwiar medicine man, teaching us about the plants, Amazon rainforest Ecuador, August 2012. Copyright Carlita Shaw

Indigenous people have always had a natural understanding of our connection to the Earth and a deep respect for Nature. However, we have distanced ourselves from Nature through the rise and development of technology and industry in western civilization. Eco-psychology is an important aspect of deep ecology, which was originally founded much earlier, some say in the 1970s with the work of Arne Naess. However, if we look at the many indigenous cultures, their stories and philosophies are expressions of deep ecology, they are connected profoundly with the subtle aspects of nature and the cosmos.


John Muir at Yosemite.  Yosemite Online.

The emergence of environmental conservation and eco – psychology is the closest we have in western civilization to understanding the importance of our connection with nature. Though the concepts of environmental conservation and importance of ecology can be seen to have emerged from earlier, as in the 1800s, when John Muir, the American naturalist, writer and conservationist, founded the Sierra Club and Yosemite National Park. He saw even then, the encroaching dangers of industrialisation on the natural environment. The 1960s were an important contribution to the evolution of these concepts, because the development of peace and social justice, gave strength to the environmental movement and the work of people like Rachel Carson and her book ‘The Silent Spring’ which was published in 1962, is a key book that gave rise to principles in deep ecology. It was one of the first books to educate the public on the concepts of ecosystems and how they connect us to our environment in terms of human health and environmental health, those being one and the same thing. It was one of the most profound books on my university reading list and perhaps that is why it has partly inspired the title of this book.

Whatever toxins we release into the environment inevitably affect species, ecosystems and eventually come back to us as health problems through ecological cycles. When we pollute the environment, what we do to the environment, in turn affects us, as we are our environment, yet the majority of people wish to ignore this important reality.
Deep ecological principles have had some strong criticism in the past, including that of being a movement which hates humanity. That is just one opinion. A fresh perspective is needed. Quantum science is a fast developing field connected to deep ecology, in the sense that humans are still evolving mentally and on a consciousness level rather than biologically. It is even possible that our cell biology can still change or be affected by a shift in consciousness.

Even today, there are countless cases of  people who have cured themselves of fatal illnesses, disease or cancerous tumours by working through previous misconceptions about themselves and were able to heal and cure themselves, are they tapping into the quantum field for healing? We have not stopped evolving, what we are doing to our environment, we are doing to ourselves, we need to respond to this with a shift in our human understanding that the environmental crisis is an indication that human consciousness has to change.

We could see this present time as a wake-up call and a chance to make changes internally and externally, in terms of learning from our mistakes, rather than being hateful to humanity. It is a true and popular analogy among environmentalists that we are like a cancer on earth at the moment; though with all illness and diseases, it is usually an indication that we need to re-evaluate how we live our lives on this planet. So just like when we get sick we need to change how we nourish ourselves internally, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, we must do the same and change the way in which we live with the Earth.

We can seize this time as an opportunity to review our relationship with what we previously saw as a separate environment, and nurture a better understanding, respect and love of ourselves in terms of birthing a new a perspective on ecology at a spiritual level.

Many of us feel anger and grief with the rapid environmental destruction that human greed is causing; when channelled optimally, we can use that anger and grief in a constructive way, to motivate ourselves to create change and take action. By embracing a more sustainable and ecological lifestyle, we create self-empowerment, confidence, nurturing inner nourishment and a connection with nature that gives us inner peace.

The scientist James Lovelock used to work for NASA and during the 1960s, he started working on the Gaia Hypothesis, this showed scientifically and ecologically that Earth is an organism made up of ecological units that act synchronistically to create this Planet-sized super-organism. Human consciousness is an ecological issue because we need to evolve human consciousness to understand that all life on Earth has a consciousness, an energy that flows through all biological forms, that is just as powerful as our own and we all share this connection, it doesn’t matter how complex or simple the life forms appear, they all share the same energy that flows through them, which I refer to as consciousness.

Dr. Ashok Khosla, president of the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) has taken this study a step further to bring people’s attention to show that all life forms have some level of consciousness and how deeply intrinsically human consciousness affects all life on this planet. He gave a demonstration to show this with an electromagnetic experiment on plants.

How does the electro-magnetic plant device work? Based upon a device originally developed by Volney Mathison back in the 1940’s, it works by using a Wheatstone bridge, which is an ultra-sensitive circuit that can detect the slightest change of electrical resistance in the plants and translate them through sounds or lights also connected to the circuit. These electrical signals may be one millionth of a volt.

All living organisms, whether mammals, amphibians, or plants, have subtle electrical signals running through them. In humans, the brain communicates through the nervous system to control organs, our brains, limbs and sight, using weak electrical charges. As recounted by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird in their 1973 book ”The Secret Life of Plants”, several different scientists had conducted such experiments. You connect two receivers of the circuit, one to the root of the plant and the second to a leaf. They then connect the meter to a trigger, a voltage-controlled synthesiser or similar device. The change in the plant’s electrical resistance controls the pitch, volume and filtering if the measurements are translated through sound synthesis, as the plant responds to what it is sensing in its external environment and what is happening around it.

Research has found that plants react to their surroundings and they also communicate with one another. Light, water, sound, and even emotional energy within a room that a plant is placed in, all cause significant alterations to the plant’s electrical current. As Dr Ashok Khosla, explains that each plant also has its own unique sound signature, or its own ‘song’. Now that people are beginning to understand how plants read and respond to their environment, we begin to understand that plants have a kind of consciousness as they even react to what we are going to do before we do it, or to our emotions, many experiments have shown this.

Norman Lederman was the true pioneer of reading plants that way and he put on the world’s first live plant concert in quadraphonic sound, at the Kreeger Music Building’s, McDonald Recital Hall back on April 17th, 1974.
Suzanne Simard, forest ecologist at the University of British Columbia has been studying old trees in forest ecosystems and how they communicate with other trees through root systems. These ‘Grandmother’ trees transport nutrients through root systems, to younger trees when they need it. How does an older tree know when a younger tree needs these nutrients? It is a complex system of chemical communication through their roots and a giant network of fungi, some of which are mycorrhizal fungi that have a symbiotic relationship with these trees. The whole of the forest is connected by this network of fungal threads and Simard’s research reveals that when a Grandmother Tree is cut down, the survival rate of the younger members of the forest is diminished.


Standing under a great grandmother Ceiba tree of the Amazon rainforest, they can live up to several thousand years, a tree that is essential in supporting the younger trees in the forest. Copyright Carlita Shaw

This interactive communicating community of trees, are not just using chemical signals, but also an awareness of consciousness, of sensing in their way, what is going on in their external environment, an environment to which they are deeply connected both biologically and on sensory levels which we are still trying to understand. This is even more reason why it is important to preserve ancient trees in forest ecosystems.

There is some pioneering research being done with plant consciousness which will eventually help us advance our own level and understanding of the field of consciousness and our connectivity to all living beings, especially if we begin to realise that despite plants being seen as lower or simple life forms, they are in fact very complex and respond to our thoughts and feelings as they respond to other plants and animals around them. If plants display this level of consciousness, we have not only greatly misunderstood plants, but have even more so deeply misunderstood animal intelligence, sentience and consciousness and our cruel exploitation and abuse of animals is even more unjustifiable.

The Heart Math Institute has shown how the human heart and brain act as radio transmitters and receivers affecting and being affected by other energy fields. We emit a large toroidal energy field generated from our hearts beating and we are affected by Electromagnetic Energy of the synthetic and organic kind, everything is made up of electromagnetic energy and everything generates an electromagnetic pulse and field. We are even affected by synthetic electromagnetic energy, given out by mobile phone towers and satellite systems, it has been shown in recent scientific studies that the cells of plants and trees are negatively affected by signals from mobile phones and phone towers. The electromagnetic waves of present communication and man-made sonar systems are affecting wildlife in many detrimental ways, including the navigational abilities of whales, dolphins, birds and bees which could explain why they have been dying in significant numbers due to this form of electromagnetic vibrational and noise pollution.


The Heart is 100,000 times stronger electrically and 5,000 times stronger magnetically than that of the Brain. For public domain by the HeartMath Institute.

When we look at how everything that is alive also has an intelligent consciousness flowing through it, this reminds us of quantum physics again, because we are seeing that when we observe a particle, it behaves differently, that means that either the particle itself is displaying some form of consciousness, being conscious that we are observing it or our very observation of it changes its behaviour. Ancient indigenous concepts teach us that we can begin to heal the more fundamental alienation, between our lost connection with the natural environment and our ancient tribal knowledge. We as humans can re-establish this relationship with nature and the cosmos as one being and not separate entities. That is a true form of ecological spiritual rebirth that indigenous people understand as cosmo-vision which can also be facilitated and augmented by entheogen plant medicine.


Cosmovision artist Anderson Debernardi, Sinfonia Shamanica, 2010, oil on canvas, 71 x 91 cm, http://www.debernardivision.com

Deep Ecology is a blend of certain ancient indigenous concepts with modern concepts. We are part of the Earth’s consciousness and she is part of the sacred feminine and masculine, the deeper fabric of our consciousness in the web all life that flows through all beings. The corporatisation of the political world has become unethical and careless, ignoring its responsibility to protect the planet. Unconsciously, some of us take on this violence imposed on the Earth, internalizing it. Those of us who are aware of this, are carrying the burden of responsibility, grief, guilt and loss, especially when we see ecocide unfolding on a daily basis with destruction of key ecosystems such as our forests and oceans.

At the other extreme, some of us have become so desensitized to this that the easiest option is denial. We need to find ways to understand why we are feeling powerless to affect the overwhelming crisis in which we are living.
We each have a responsibility to expand our understanding of ourselves in relation to nature in the modern world, but with acceptance of the ancient indigenous beliefs, that all life is sacred and intrinsically affected by our actions, and our thoughts. Only then will we evolve and start living more ecologically on the Earth. Implementing sustainability and human sovereignty isn’t just a human right, it’s a necessity, as well as a necessary way for Earth’s resources to be managed within Nature’s natural carrying capacity.

Many experts around the world are working towards reclaiming lost and ancient indigenous knowledge. Through transformation power of these concepts and how reclaiming the spiritual ecology with our connection with Gaia, Pacha Mama, Madre Tierra, Mother Earth and Cosmos are a step towards creating and mapping a new more harmonious world and reality. Some ways in which to connect with Nature on a deeper level, are to work with the plant teachers through ancient medicinal entheogens with a highly experienced Indigenous Shaman. Other ways to reconnect with Nature is simply being in Nature as much as one possibly can.



Author of
The Silent Ecocide,
a crisis of human consciousness.


There are a few speakers on human consciousness and psychology who take into account everything which we experience, even the negative emotions are valuable in indicating our growth and self-nurturing, with the exception of the work of Matt Licata and Jeff Foster. An interesting explanation of depression: Jeff Foster says it is a sign of needing ‘Deep Rest’, rest from the way you have been living your life, including from thinking we constantly need to achieve, to be perfect, be positive, be this or be that. What about giving ourselves a break from needing to be anything other than being ourselves, a human being and allowing the space and freedom for emotions to flow without any narrative is a good way to take time out.

Whatever we evolved from, we are all unique expressions of the same form of consciousness that flows through each of us, we are all perfect as we are, whatever emotional state we experience. The idea that we need to reach a goal to attain a state of constant joy or peace in order to be in harmony with source, is quite dismissive of the infinite nature of creation that we reflect, it is also merciless on our humanity. We were not made to walk around to be blissful forever, human experiences are infinite, infinity is having the ability and freedom to experience the richness of it all, perhaps it is also referred to as ‘Free Will’ by some…then what we do with our experiences, creates our wisdom, though some of that comes from our soul’s knowingness.

We can practice drawing on this inner awareness daily, moment to moment, to let every emotion pass through us, without holding on to each one, just observing them blowing through our internal world and to see the value of all these emotions and feelings, a rich inner tapestry that is often ignored through external distraction. It is important to see the value of the entire palette of feelings and emotions, not just that which is enjoyable, good or comfortable, the pain, sadness, loss or grief is just as important in shaping us and directing us to learning about our truer selves and what we do or do not need in our lives, they can indicate how to live life on our own terms in a way that acknowledges our humanness and humanity, rather than on the terms of society which demands unobtainable perfection and automatons.

We need reference points, landmarks or the polarities of good and bad to navigate our way through life’s experiences, just like we need the illusion of space between objects, to be able to judge where to move our bodies in order to get from A to B. If we didn’t have these reference points, we wouldn’t know what heaven or hell was, but to understand the unity or the grey shades between the polarities, we have to appreciate that we were born with the right to experience it all, therefore, there is no need to become anything other than what we already are, this is what is meant by ‘we are already perfect as we are’. We are constantly in the habit of defining ourselves in order to be accepted by society. Perhaps ‘unbecoming’ or undefining, is part of a daily awareness we could practice, to cure our addiction or need to compartmentalize everything with labels and boxes; or having to reach goal posts and measuring ourselves in terms of what we need to achieve to gain respect from our peers, or to just feel good about ourselves. ‘Undefining or unbecoming’ is a practice that helps one learn to accept oneself as one is. Letting go of needing to become anything in the process, is the quickest way to step into just ‘being’, without needing to become anything, such as ‘enlightened’ or ‘perfect’.

“Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness, and so, to whatever degree any one of us can bring back a small piece of the picture and contribute it to the building of the new paradigm, then we participate in the redemption of the human spirit, and that after all is what it’s really all about.” – Terence McKenna

In addition to my ecology background, I trained as a hypnotherapist, which I was drawn to with an interest in the unconscious mind and emotions. Hypnotherapy has been a tool that I appreciate and respect to access the human subconscious mind and it has also been a gateway to understanding that time is not linear, as humans like to think it is, it could be that parallel realities exist which we can tap into at any point if we desire to. As Quantum physics is beginning to realise that even the smallest particle is affected by our observation of it, this has been scientifically proven, a particle changes its behaviour when we are observing it, the same with trees and plants that have been discovered to communicate on a multi-sensory level, when we become aware of them communicating, they respond to that awareness, again, this is because our consciousness is able to change and morph this reality, because we are part of the multidimensional infinity of divine consciousness.

This is not something any external forces could attempt to control, however hard they try…. how can one control consciousness? It simply is not possible. That intelligent driving force of consciousness wants to be realised in each of us or in each of our souls, this will inevitably happen as we naturally evolve from one level of understanding to another. From the microcosm, we realise that all biological cells work more successfully as a community, performing and functioning more efficiently, the cells that malfunction, work for themselves and not the community of cells become cancer forming cells, the cell biologist Bruce Lipton takes this to a much more profound level in his work, which shows us how we can learn from cell biology to advance human consciousness.

More and more scientists are taking courageous steps to unite science and spirituality, risking ridicule, and at times financial sacrifice, because they are seeing how urgent it is for us to enhance our level of consciousness, for ourselves and for the planet.

The evolution of biology, shows us how we naturally progress to the macrocosm from the microcosm, after the realisation that any single cell that becomes self-serving and not functioning for the greater good of the whole, will stop evolving and soon wither and die, as there is nothing else it is in harmony with. This is why we see so much cancer, it is not only a product of pollution and toxicity in our food supply but it is a product of the self-serving values and a lack of understanding how connected to our environment we are. These unhealthy values which exist in human beliefs, are increasing human disease such as cancer and other illnesses. These are biological manifestations of the malfunctioning deformations, which we have created as a product of our thinking that we are separate from our environment, the universe and beyond, (the macrocosm).

We could say that sustainable biological cells are those that are constantly working as communities, evolving to become higher more advanced life forms and that these life forms have achieved harmony through co-creation which has helped species evolve through 3.5 billion years on the planet. We can see this from the beginning of life on Earth with the early single cells evolving to our current biodiversity of elaborations of cell communities, forming complex and more advanced creatures from insects to large mammals and plants such as trees and Earth itself as a Gaia formation of trillions of co-creating living systems of elaborate biological communities. All in harmony with one another, everything that exists, apart from us, realises naturally, that it is part of an infinite god consciousness, just by the expression of being and living and even dying. While today, despite our human intelligence, we see some humans are more like self-serving cells that malfunction and become dysfunctional, destructive and cancerous when we see ourselves as superior to or separate from nature, biophobic, whereas those of us that feel connected to nature and biophilic, are the more harmonious, self-sustaining ones and possibly we have a chance of evolving to higher states of consciousness.

We humans are a bit slow, despite what we think is our superior intelligence to other creatures, because we have allowed ourselves to become conditioned by certain misconceptions such as the idea that we are separate from Nature, consciousness, or the ‘God’ label. The ultimate change from this paradigm to a more harmonious one, may, or may not happen in our lifetime, but it is an inevitability which is unstoppable; and despite the severe environmental destruction that is driven by human financial greed, the survival of the ‘fittest’ humans now depends on our level of consciousness changing and if we have the ability to make the leap to develop the necessary parts of our spiritual awareness, that reconnects us with nature and the Earth. This is the ecology of consciousness and evolution on a spiritual level. It is part of our mission to evolve to higher states of consciousness, which is the macrocosmic seed. Consciousness (God) is Love and wants us to realise that we are part of this infinite co-creation.

Perhaps we needed to create a ‘them’ and ‘us’ illusion to facilitate this realisation. Hopefully no longer at the price of the planet and our fellow creatures misery and suffering, or extinction. I have, until now, thought that will be the outcome, as we are living in an anthropogenically driven environmental crisis. However, I now have a renewed hope and faith as I have had my own personal inner understanding of what I attempt to explain in words here, words detract from the experience of infinite Love, that is a potential seed laying in all of us waiting for each of us to awaken to our ability and power to co-create with the creator, a new and more harmonious way of being aligned with Gaia, the Earth and the Cosmos.

Human well-being & Earth well-being are inseparable and have become increasingly important to many of us. It is our right to be able to protect both these aspects of ecological well-being, which is rapidly being ignored by the predatory aspect of Capitalism and human greed. We are our environment, therefore healing ourselves and creating inner-peace, creates outer peace for the planet, this concept has arisen out of our realisation, which we need to re-create cohesion between ‘Human well-being & Earth well-being’. Basically, this states that human ecology is intrinsically connected to the Earth’s Ecology. This is the ecology of reclaiming our connection, not only with Earth but with the cosmos and universal consciousness.

Jose Arguilles said ” it is not Earth that needs saving, it’s humanity that needs to save itself from itself.”

There are growing numbers of people all over the planet who are now seeking inner equilibrium due to a growing awakening to the fact that we are all connected, and not separate from our environment. Ecological devastation and human devastation are two sides of the same global disease, which can only be correctly understood and overcome by understanding we are part of the whole ecology of living, that has not been functioning harmoniously. If we are to survive with the planet, we must now seek inner equilibrium.

Carlita Shaw

Author of
The Silent Ecocide,
a crisis of human consciousness.

Artwork is called ”Souls”, authors own work.


An aspect of Deep Ecology is Eco-psychology or Eco-therapy and it takes into account our internal emotional and mental state and how this is creating our external environment. You may have had feelings of being unfulfilled, deepening apathy, depression, loss, anxiety and despair. Perhaps these feelings are rooted in the belief that we are separate from nature? It is understandable, considering the current world situation. Anyone that is not deeply saddened by current global events are either in denial or very disconnected from the Earth and their true nature. Many of us are going through different stages of this reaction process, yet most of us are unaware and not realising that these are psychological symptoms of the collective unconscious, or Noosphere, (Prinston University have a department that specialize in studying Human Consciousness which they call the Noosphere).

The World Health Organization states that over 1 million people commit suicide per year and that Depression is now the third biggest mental health problem of people. This is a reaction to the world in its current state of ecocide (apocalypse).
We may think that these feelings of frustration, anger, grief and depression are a reflection of personal problems but they are not, the bigger picture is that depression is not a disease, it is an indication that human consciousness needs to change, these symptoms reflect that something is deeply wrong with modern society.

The toxicity and predatory nature of modern capitalism has created these symptoms in our collective unconscious. Depression is an indication that Human understanding of itself in relation to the natural world, needs to change. Some people refer to depression as a ‘disease’. It is not a disease, but more chemical and emotional imbalance of the body and brain in response to environmental stress, normally affected by long-term stress, deep trauma or grief, for some it is difficult to diagnose the root cause.

(1) Dr John Grohol defines depression for those who insist on calling it a disease.

“These things are called disorders, not diseases, for a reason. A disorder simply means something that is out of the ordinary, which depression and other mental disorders are. They are more specifically a cluster of symptoms that research has shown to correlate highly with a specific emotional state.”- Dr Grohol.

Furthermore, should it really be referred to as a ‘mental illness’ either? Through my research and personal experiences, depression is an understandable psychological reaction to the stress and violent deformities of the modern world.
The most valuable activities that can help, are spending time in nature or in the company of animals, writing and creating and being as honest with one’s self or one’s true nature as possible and developing a deeper sense of self-awareness. If one doesn’t feel in touch with one’s true nature, just go with what makes you feel happy, comfortable or what inspires you, even the smallest thing helps point towards your truer nature.

Obviously, getting to the possible triggers and issues of depression help, such as recovering from anger, trauma and grief are signals that point towards the root cause of the problem. Diet is also a large contributing factor, the gut is the basis of the Human Immune system and Serotonin is produced in the Gut. When a person is sensitive to Wheat Gluten and Dairy, it is very likely they also suffer from depression and changing one’s diet and eating habits can help heal depressive tendencies.

People whom suffer from depression are usually highly aware and sensitive folk who are creatively gifted or perceptive in some way. As a result they are people who find it difficult to feel that they fit anywhere in the forms or archetypes dictated by society – a society that places value on things that are leading humanity and the environment to destruction. People who suffer from depression find it difficult to connect with others on a personal level and mostly they are simply overwhelmed and disheartened by the amount of injustice, destruction, greed, cruelty and abuse that goes on in an increasingly hostile world, so if you know someone who is depressed, the best way to support them is find ways to connect with that person on a deeper level if at all possible or encourage them to do activities with you in nature if they don’t like to be alone.

A number of environmental scientists such as (2) Dr. Stephan Harding, a deep ecologist, like myself, sees the value in needing to restore our lost connection with Earth and understand that we are all part of one greater consciousness. In an early interview Dr Stephan Harding said ”there is something wrong with you if you are not profoundly saddened or depressed by the state of things at the moment”. So if you are not feeling even a tinge of sadness with the current state of our world, then you are either in denial or deeply removed from your emotions. So it is in fact healthier to respond with depression at some stage in one’s life, at least it shows a degree of empathy and compassion and an acknowledgement of our global reality.

We are living in the sixth greatest mass extinction. Anthropogenic activity is destroying the oceans, ripping apart the last of the Rainforests and indigenous people, we are seeing the largest scale ecocide unfolding. The amount of torture and abuse that our fellow creatures suffer at our own hands, is just overwhelming, let alone the killing, torturing, abusing and trafficking of men, women and children worldwide, innocent victims of insane wars, exploitation and slavery.

It is important to understand the unconscious psychological impact of the current ensuing chaos on each of us, as we now have the internet and technologies which bring such information into our awareness. Some of the emotions we feel we may not even be conscious of, as they are a collective conscious reaction to a daily external violence and exploitation, which may stir feelings of grief or guilt, especially if we feel inept or feel we are unable to do anything about many of these issues, our severed connection with mother Earth and our lost ancient knowledge of whom we are and where we have come from.

adbustsers_90_consumerzombie_sConsumer zombie- Courtesy of Artist Aeryn James Davies, at Ravanna.

The illusion of our separation from nature has created a very ill and absurd world. It is also disturbing that many people are unstirred, almost completely oblivious to what is going on, and just continue about their day, as if the world is going to stay as it is forever, while those of us that are acutely aware of what is unfolding around us, try to manage our reaction to it.
We have been made to feel nothing more than human commodities by society, we are referred to as mere ”consumers” by a capitalist imperial system. We must be obedient and told that our only value in the modern world, is as a good worker and consumer, whose taxes go to destructive exploits that we have no say to, our privacy is invaded in case we act criminally, yet many governments continue to enjoy privacy and operate corruption behind closed doors above and beyond the law.

Our human rights are being fast eroded and many of us cannot even imagine a different world. If we really lived in a fairly just and free world, would we need to adhere to a list of human rights anyway? It is a challenge to imagine that we can rise above these lower vibrations. The ecological unconscious where our natural feelings of connection to the world of nature and other organisms rest, are connected to what the biologist (3) E.O. Wilson calls ‘biophilia’. People who are the opposite of biophilic, are those that prefer the man-made comforts to nature and therefore are ‘biophobic.’

(4) “Biophilic and biophobic tendencies are a marker of culture (Wilson, 1993) and if we take the assumptions made by various commentators (Foucault, 1964; Horwitz, 2002; Rind & Yuill, 2012), that mental health is a product of its culture, the connection is clearer still. The problems of mental health are shown to be increasing the world over (Desjarlais et al, 1995), whilst biophilia as a hypothesis can answer this to a degree, it provides many other answers, namely to do with the origin of many of these conditions that we are experiencing.’’- Douglas Radmore, (2014).

Biophobia is a result of modern technology and our dependence on urban life. People who live in cities, tend to survive in a bubble of distraction with iPhones, headphones and music on the go, computer games and living amidst shopping malls, motorways and everything at their convenience, where nature is neatly compartmentalized as parks and squares as aesthetic decoration in a consumer’s playground.

Is Biophobia acceptable? (5), David Orr makes a very good argument on this issue, he states;

”First, for every “biophobe” others have to do that much more of the work of preserving, caring for, and loving the nature that supports biophobes and biophiliacs alike. Economists call this the “free-rider problem”. It arises in every group, committee, or alliance when it is possible for some to receive all of the advantages of membership while doing none of the work necessary to create those advantages. Environmental free riders benefit from the willingness of others to fight for the clean air that they breathe, the clean water that they drink, the preservation of biological diversity that sustains them, and the conservation of the soil that feeds them. But they do not lift a finger to help. Biophobia is not okay because it does not distribute fairly, the work of keeping the Earth or any local place healthy. Biophobia is not okay for the same reason that misanthropy and sociopathy are not okay. Biophobia is not okay because it is the foundation for a politics of domination and exploitation. For our politics to work as they now do, a large number of people must not like any nature that cannot be repackaged and sold back to them. They must be ecologically illiterate and ecologically incompetent, and they must believe that this is not only inevitable but desirable. Furthermore, they must be ignorant of the basis of their dependency. They must come to see their bondage as freedom and their discontents as commercially solvable problems.’’ The drift toward a biophobic society, as George Orwell and C. S. Lewis foresaw decades ago, requires the replacement of nature and human nature by technology and the replacement of real democracy by a technological tyranny now looming on the horizon.’’-David Orr.

There are still ways in which we can become self-empowered sovereign beings. There are ways in which we can create a more harmonious and sustainable world without predatory capitalism and it’s destructive forces, we can create an alternative ecological and local community based capitalism, that uses the creative concepts but eradicates the predatory aspects of capitalism that drives ecocide. There are alternatives to this current system, which is driving a rise in depression and suicide worldwide, the fundamental principle being that we have lost our true value and our spiritual connection with nature.

We have lost our feelings of self-worth with loss of contributing to local communities, (it is human nature to have the desire to connect with a small local community, like one’s own tribe or family, as opposed to contributing to society which is not the same) and feeling valued in that way or in ways we can contribute to working with the land or honouring nature in some way, for the life she sustains, for us.

Most of all, we have become empty and bored, due to constant external seeking of fulfilment and stimulus. Even the most privileged people among us suffer from depression, this is an obvious testimony to the fact that all the riches in the world will not make us happy. People have forgotten how to look after their inner spirits, such as taking a walk in nature. Communing with nature soothes the soul and mind.

When we are children we are in a pure state of being, then society and government drum it into us that we are not worth anything by our natural state of being, we have to prove ourselves worthy of love and respect by working towards a status, qualification, proving our academic intelligence, external physical appearance or by reaching a respectable bank balance, in order to receive love and respect from society. When in fact a balanced world would encourage us to continue just being the unique amazing human beings, who we naturally are, this in itself is valuable and a beautiful act of existence that deserves love and respect.


We must begin to redefine our value as human beings, as part of a larger global community that is working towards change, in the midst of all this chaos. We can begin to reclaim our connection with the Earth in various ways through growing food communally, rebuilding and re-inventing new communities and a transparency in our relationships, in government institutions, in society. Very few people question social values. We need to develop an importance on teaching and establishing new value systems in societies and communities based on a deeper spiritual existence in harmony with the Earth, with emphasis on shifting values and practices to unconditional love, kindness and acceptance, rather than status, materialism, idealised perfection and elitism, which are all forms of violence on, and repression of, our true human nature.

It is modern society and its corporatized values, that are causing most of the malfunctioning. The subtle violence of what society calls normality is disturbing enough and what is expected of people to conform to, in such an environment. That is enough to drive anyone to depression along with the general stress of everyday living and paying one’s monthly bills, most people are being denied their humanity. Accepting that our humanity is key in healing, accepting that it is okay to feel broken, deep sadness and the spectrum of emotions that bring us the gifts of questions and answers, help us to get closer to our own inner truth, what is really good for you? What do you really need? How do you really feel? What is really important for the human creature and for the Earth? It is okay to be totally honest and let go, to allow raw emotions to flow through, to just be free to feel what comes through, it’s not normal to keep marching on while a war on consciousness is ensuing.

(6 ) William Manson explains that in 1968, Erich Fromm prophesied “The year 2000, might be the beginning of a period in which man ceases to be human and becomes transformed into an unthinking and unfeeling machine”. -In the context of a prevailing dehuman syndrome, spontaneous human expression becomes pathologised: Being open in speech; being unashamed of one’s body; relating to nature; hugging, touching, feeling and making love with other people; refusing to serve in the army and kill; and becoming less dependent on machines are generally considered ‘disturbed behaviour’ by a society of robopaths”. Of course, behavioural modification is facilitated through ideological training, expanding law enforcement, and emotional anaesthesia (psychopharmacology).

In my view, revitalisation of one’s desiccated human-ness first and foremost requires a renewed contact with the web of evolved life, with Walt Whitman’s ‘primal sanity of nature’. Transcending the blinkered, bourgeois-utilitarian (mechanistic-industrial) world-view, one can embark on a purification of consciousness, a purging of the detritus of cultural pollution (and a recovery of emotional innocence). Withdrawing from the world of urban commerce (and its mind-numbing “messages”), one severs the flow of media propaganda and ceaseless “information” (relating to the ubiquitous ‘buying and selling’). Compulsive ‘having’ is the pathology of deficient ‘being.’ Aesthetic simplicity means disconnecting from repulsive superfluity. Seeking sanctuary in wilderness surroundings, one rediscovers the gentler rhythms of low-cost rural living: walking instead of driving, and prevention of disease through a style of living consonant with ecological wisdom.’’-William Manson.

We definitely need to change our psychological and status values in Western society to values that have more depth and meaning for the human spirit. An ecological natural economy would influence and cultivate healthier values for individuals as well as establish stronger communities, people could cultivate a self-value that can be attributed to feeling part of a community caring for the environment, values not based on status, or on consumerist needs and wants that are never deeply fulfilling.

Being as honest with one’s self and others as is possible is important, we are not robots, and we are not machines. Being in nature, being creative, painting, writing, singing, and making things; developing projects that could contribute to a better and more harmonious world, playing music or getting involved in a community project or doing something that aids deep relaxation, meditation or trance, all of these things can help bring feelings of deeper fulfilment and bring us more into the moment, reconnecting us with the joy that comes from just being and connecting with others on a deeper level. Reaching out as much as possible to friends and family, without feeling humiliated or the stigma that is carried with the label ‘depression’ and the negative stigma that go with it such as the words ‘mental illness or mental disease’.

Inner work is really important for all of us, not just those of us suffering from depression, but those of us suffering from denial which seems to be the greater problem in human society.

”There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ~ Carl Jung

More importantly, understanding all of this in the larger context of human evolution, shows us that we can become re-empowered again once we see that each of us has something valuable to contribute to our holistic progress. This is all part of a process leading to a more highly evolved level of human consciousness, in order to continue to survive in harmony with Planet Earth rather than living off of Pacha Mama, like parasites. We need to learn to become reconnected to and part of Earth and Cosmos again, in order to continue our existence here on this beautiful paradise. In order to create diamonds, coal endures a great deal of pressure to transmute and change into something stronger and far more beautiful that can reflect and channel all the colours of the light, that which is already within us .


Author of
The Silent Ecocide,
a crisis of human consciousness.

Further reading

Dr John Grohol

2 Dr Stephan Harding- deep-ecology-hub available online.

3 E.O. Wilson. ‘Biophilia’ (1984) Published by Harvard University Press

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Science already understands that everything is made up of energy. We are experimenting with giant Quantum field D-Wave computer systems, blasting neutrinos at CERN, well that is what they tell us this machine is doing, there is more likely a more complex function and agenda involved. Then there are some physicists and eccentric inventors who have been playing around with particles and producing alternative energy by manipulating plasma fields and electromagnetic energy since Nikola Tesla started experimenting with plasma  and the aether, and did he learn these secrets from reading books in the Vatican secret library which his father was supposed to have been the curator for a time, Tesla had access to some ancient knowledge that set him on his incredible journey of experiments and research. All of these connect with the Aetheric field and the different types of Aether forms.

All these energies relate to one another, it’s not easy finding books on the Aether science, as it is a repressed knowledge that was once accepted in academic circles until it threatened the profits of those in power. The Aetheric field is the fabric of all existence, it flows through animate and inanimate objects, it is a channel for consciousness, it can be used to create zero point energy systems, if it is understood in great depth, this is what Nikola Tesla achieved with the Aether, and Wilhelm Reich discovered its healing properties, its other names are Orgone, Chi, Prana, Kundalini, or Plasma Energy, it is the fabric of the spiritual dimensions, as well as this world, it is a bridge between this material reality and the multidimensional highway into our being from the spirit world, it is also the essence of life and from where all life springs from in a biocentric way.

This is energetic ecology, the energetic ecology of the internal body is profoundly connected to the energetic ecology of the earth and universe. Kind of like the way the Earth’s ecosystems interact within nature, if there is an energetic imbalance, it affects the entire biochemistry of the body and mind, therefore it is important to focus on healing the body in order to heal the mind. Whether or not you see yourself as a spiritual being, whether or not you believe in God, or Good and Evil, or if Science is your God, healing from negative thoughts, negative energies, anxiety, depression, it is a process you have to approach holistically, in order to achieve the best results. Science is starting to acknowledge that negative energies and entities indeed cannot be disproved, everything is made up of positive or negative energy, we indeed exist in a realm of polarities. We can see it in terms of light, since star light is part of the ingredients that shapes the fabric of the universe into the fabric of being and life, it is even written in ancient Gnostic scriptures that entities can inhabit the human body without our awareness, and control our thoughts and feed off of our emotional energy and mental energy.

In my experiences over the last few years, leading up to a major operation and lengthy recovery thereafter, I know that negative parasitic entities in the aetheric or multidimensional realm exist, whatever their purpose, I think it’s just part of this complex reality, more like a disruptive addition to our human condition, an app for a specific purpose in this illusory existence, created perhaps by those fallen angels or dark spirits which are written about in every ancient religious text, beings that wanted to keep humanity in slavery and repress our consciousness.


This is what brought me to become interested in the Nag Hamadi, the Gnostic teachings and why I find them so intriguing, the same correlations of this story exist in the work of Paul Levity’s book ‘Dispelling Wetiko‘, that is what the source of the wetiko is. One could speculate that humans were once originally pure cosmic beings, that were later engineered, given language to carry out tasks and as we use this coded lense, it acts as a filter and builds our illusionary reality.

Some unfortunate subjects can become permanently possessed by various parasitic entities and others battle the entities on and off, we are all subject to these entities, no one is free of them permanently, no one can escape their parasitism, but we can protect ourselves and cleanse ourselves to be as balanced as possible. The Gnostics knew this, they tried to explain it in their texts to people, and the persecution reigned on them for telling the truth almost destroyed that truth, thank goodness for the Nag Hamadi scriptures.


An article titled ”As a psychiatrist, I diagnose mental illness. Also, I help spot demonic possession”, was published in the Washington Post, in July, this year by Dr. Richard Gallager, who courageously discussed that Possession does exist, despite being a prominent academic figure in the world of psychiatry on the board of Clincial Psychiatry at New York Medical College, he has worked with priests over the last 30 years on cases that involved possession. He describes some of these special cases as “He or she might demonstrate hidden knowledge of all sorts of things, like how a stranger’s loved ones died, what secret sins they has committed, even where people are at a given moment. These are skills that cannot be explained except by special psychic or preternatural ability.”

Most of the people Dr. Gallagher evaluates in this role suffer from the more prosaic problems of a medical disorder. ”Anyone even faintly familiar with mental illnesses knows that individuals who think they are being attacked by malign spirits are generally experiencing nothing of the sort. Practitioners see psychotic patients all the time who claim to see or hear demons; histrionic or highly suggestible individuals, such as those suffering from dissociative identity syndromes; and patients with personality disorders who are prone to misinterpret destructive feelings, in what exorcists sometimes call a pseudo-possession, via the defense mechanism of an externalizing projection. But what am I supposed to make of patients who unexpectedly start speaking perfect Latin? ¨- Dr. Richard Gallagher explains many unusual cases he has witnessed who have demonstrated phenomenal skills and abilities that they never originally had studied, he is currently working on a book on this subject. ´´I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of psychiatrists and other mental health practitioners nowadays who are open to entertaining such hypotheses. Many believe exactly what I do, though they may be reluctant to speak out.´´. – Richard Gallagher, M.D.

In the article he goes on to explain that more and more cases are appearing each year and many priests specialized in exorcisms are in increasing demand.


These aspects of mental illness are viewed by the indigenous shaman as inner spiritual battles, spiritual crisis, which is why the role of the Shaman, medicine man or woman is so important, as is their ability to morph between dimensions, taking on the form of animals if they need too. Their role as the very first psychologists, counsellors and doctors, they were and still are the necessary satellites of stability in indigenous communities, since the beginning of tribal hunters and gatherers and surprisingly the demand for them has become more popular today, so much so, that Westerners will go so far as to travel deep into the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon or to Asia and the land of the Buddhist Masters, or the Savanahs of Mongolia, Mountains of Nepal, and the Deserts and Sacred Rocks of the Ancient Aboriginal People to seek out genuine Medicine men that know how to traverse these worlds and help us see our selves and our own paths more clearly after being cleansed of negative energies. Plants are used in healing and cleansing rituals as well as drumming and dancing which helps cleanse the human body and spirit, this is also why music plays a huge role in elevating our mood as sound and rhythm which can heal the human body and mind and raise our vibration and consciousness to higher realms that negative energy cannot survive in.


my friend Patricio Gaulinga, a medicine man and guide in the Ecuadorian Amazon, demonstrating ways to get rid of bad energy around your body.

In my twenties when I was at art school in Cornwall, I experienced a phenomenal event that changed my perception of spirits, ghosts and entities, I witnessed a friend get possessed by a ghost in my house before my very eyes, we were drinking tea in the lounge and I already knew my house had strange ghostly activities, as I shared the house with other art students and we had all experiences with this ghost at some point, when it had knocked on the lounge door, walked up and down the hallway or appeared in one of our bedrooms. I cannot remember exactly what my friend and I were discussing at the time of the incident, but the conversation did start with acknowledging this ghost, then we felt the temperature get colder and heavier, the air got denser, almost electrified, there was a presence felt in the room with us.

There was also a rusty old sword in the room, that one of the housemates had recently found on the beach and it was leaning up against the wall by the window, we felt the need to leave the room. Before we left, my friend went to the window and the sword fell down, which he picked up and to my surprise, he charged towards me with it in his hands. His face was completely different, as if it wasn’t him, it was something else in there taking over in his body, his eyes were void, but he had a terrified look on his face as if he had lost control. As he reached me with the sword, I screamed and he dropped it. I was already running out of the house at that point, he ran out after me, I then shouted at him as to what the hell he thought he was doing and he couldn’t recollect at all. But he was back fully conscious in his body again, he was very upset by what I told him had just happened, he was a good person and felt very ashamed and traumatized. We both know he was possessed briefly by the entity in this house, but neither of us were the same again after that day. That was something that totally blew my mind, as I previously believed possession was something that only happened in horror films and not in reality.


When we communicate with one another other, strangers or close friends, family or spouses, we don’t just communicate via speech, but we also communicate on an energetic field beyond our conscious level of understanding. We create connections on energetic levels, in other overlapping dimensions that our souls are connected to and we communicate with others on those levels without words, energetically through our emotionally charged thoughts, through our souls and more powerfully through our hearts which also create energetic toroidal fields.  In addition to this, our brains are electrical transmitters and receivers and we have electrical pulses running through our bodies. Energy, feeling and emotion is powerful and is a language played out by our energetic soul and the fields it occupies which permeates way beyond our physical body and this realm. The soul’s energetic field is far more expansive and if we wish we could traverse other dimensions that go beyond the perception of our limited five senses and consciousness.

When we begin to see how this works in our own lives and other peoples, we cannot always take personally every bad deed done to us by others, and just considering the shocking acts of torture or violence carried out by some people, can be explained in this abstract, socially taboo, unacceptable or forbidden way of seeing. We start to see this as part of the ecology of energy dynamics, in the multidimensional field that affects human behaviour, the Virus, the Wetiko, the Archons, Parasitic Negative entities, Jin, Spirits, Demons or Ghosts, working through others that may be unaware they are being used as hosts.

The story of my friend being possessed temporarily, was an extreme case, but here in my personal experiences, the ones we deal with daily, unconsciously, are milder parasitic entities, that do still have the ability to inhabit various aspects of what we have been led to believe as traits of human nature, or the facets and various aspects that make up parts of the human ego. Though, I don’t believe in killing the ego, as it is also a valuable creative force and helps us with daily survival and self protection too, we just need to keep the ego tamed and cleansed of negative energy that could use it to try and take control of our minds, influence our actions and at times, our emotions.

There’s a film I watched recently which illustrates this human condition called ”No Shortcut to Happiness”- it tells the story of people who sell their souls to the devil to gain success, same with those who are in seats of power. The truth is stranger than fiction especially in Hollywood, where a cast of actors, cast a spell, in an attempt to control and hijack human imagination, (I Mag I Nation) .

Despite my personal insights into the dark side of the spiritual world, I have no fear of negative entities, they are just like any other parasite, worm or flea, and if you wish to remain in command that is how one must perceive them, but they exist on a multidimensional field that hooks into the human psyche and body and can at times take full control or partially control aspects of us and our behaviour. A good motivation to practice mindfulness and be healthier.


The ancient Gnostics often reference the Archonic entities that are described in the Nag Hammadi scriptures from ancient Egypt, as inorganic entities that exist in the multidimensional realms and that can enter into the human body through various openings through our energetic body, they prefer the bodies of people who have an acidic PH, they manifest extreme negative thoughts and desires and they try to maintain an environment of fear and anxiety in their hosts.  It is said, they thrive in people who take a lot of drugs and alcohol which results in the body becoming a more acid PH, interestingly, this is also when people are more at risk of developing cancer and autoimmune diseases.

This is why it is very important to focus on diet that alkalise the physical body, exercise and meditate regularly, Dancing, Yoga, Athletics, Qigong and Tai Chi are powerful forms of physical and meditative energy work that help strengthen your energetic Shields and move chi around your body, cleaning out stagnant energy that are attractive to parasitic energies and keep your mind and body balanced.

Whatever you believe, if you feel that at times you are fighting your own or some one else’s demons, or don’t know where the negative energy is coming from, the best approach is the holistic treatments combined with meditation and counselling of some type, (for more serious cases, for example if you are constantly sick physically or having misfortune after misfortune that you cannot attribute to anything you are projecting), you will find benefits and feel far more emotionally and mentally stable when you detox on all levels, including your physical body as it affects the frequencies your energetic body vibrates at, this is also why sound healing and harmonic resonance frequencies are also powerful aids in healing and realigning ourselves as these frequencies work on a cellular level as well as a spiritual level. This can aid purging any negative energies and help us to regain emotional stability and hold a space for creativity and peace and rest to maintain control of your life. We are part of a complex web of intertwined worlds, some we can see with our five senses and some we do not see but we certainly feel at times, it is all part of the mystery of being.


We have not stopped evolving, what we are doing to our environment, we are doing to ourselves, we need to respond to this with a shift in our human understanding that the environmental crisis is an indication that human consciousness has to change, it is interesting to note that there have been an increasing demand for help with healing on these levels in this modern age where depression is declared the third health burden next to cancer and heart failure according to the World Health Organization and that 1 million people commit suicide per year.

I have learned a great deal on the spiritual level through hardships and challenges, giving a cruder truth about the multidimensional energies that feed the negative acts of humans, and that of suicidal depression, depression on all levels and why some folks look like their souls are no longer there and why others are able to live in self denial because of these entities. However, all hope is not lost, this means that powerful good beings exist too and there is an abundance of the good energies and loving beings, if one focuses on them with intent or asks them for help at the worst times as guiding lights. When one is at their weakest and most vulnerable, we can always be guided out of the dark, if we don’t let our souls or hearts be infected by the negative viruses that are these negative beings planted in the human psyche.

This is why we need discipline, it is our salvation, when practised spiritually, physically and mentally, ”To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.”- Buddha

by Carlita Shaw
Author of The Silent Ecocide, a crisis of human consciousness

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rainbo pets

Some people may be surprised to read that losing a pet such as a dog or a cat or even a bird or a hamster, can put someone into a state of severe grief, just as devastating if not more so than losing a person. This is because the bond with an animal and the unconditional love and joy that they show you and their dependence upon you, when in your company is a greater loss in many ways, compared to that of our partners, friends or family, who we don’t always agree with. There may be possible unresolved issues, people are more complicated, animals are not, they are pure hearted and show us the most unflawed form of unconditional love and joy that light up our hearts and souls.

Fortunately, animal sentience is becoming a part of new developments in animal rights laws, as scientists and  human consciousness is recognizing that sentience and consciousness is not limited to the human being. Science is showing us that all living creatures and even plants,  share sentience and consciousness. We are beginning to acknowledge that animals have just as much right as we do, to be identified as persons in the court of law, a recent record breaking, animal neglect case was won in the US state of Oregon, for a dog who was abused, dogs are sentient beings and should be classes as persons.

The same with Dolphins, nine years ago I interviewed Dr. Thomas White about his groundbreaking research and book ”In Defense of Dolphins, the new moral frontier’‘.


Dr Thomas White’s book and interview with me, discussed  the implications that  his research has uncovered, of how we currently treat dolphins; while his work focuses on ethics and how we need to re-evaluate our perception of dolphin intelligence. Humans continue to apply speciesism when observing other animals, negating the intelligence and emotions of other creatures, when we do not necessarily demonstrate balanced consciousness ourselves,  since we are exploiting  the planet and other species to ecocidal levels and we have yet to learn to live in harmony with other species and with Planet Earth, within the means of the Earth’s sustainable carrying capacity.

We are slowly changing our perception of dolphins due to the work of people such as Dr Thomas White and Ed Elsworth, we are beginning to acknowledge dolphins share similar traits of self awareness, complex social structures, complex language and thinking abilities in terms of past and future, the ability to choose to act in response to a situation and their reasoning abilities. This re-evaluation means we need to set new frontiers for the status of dolphins in terms of dolphins being ‘non-human persons’. A step forward to expanding our own consciousness and how we can learn from dolphins and how they live with one another.

Dr. White and other scientists and animal activists are making the case to recognize dolphins and other animal species as sentient creatures who deserve the same rights as people and after over 2500 scientific studies on this subject, more is being done to improve how we treat, class and recognize all animals as sentient beings and persons in their own right.

Yet, some people are still embarrassed by the overwhelming grief they feel for the loss of their pet, especially if others don’t react or treat their feelings as important which leads to disenfranchised grief. One of the best articles I read about losing a dog, was by Joe Yonan in The Washington Post- ´´ The fact that our pets are so dependent on us makes it all too easy to second-guess our decisions and descend into a pit of guilt. Shouldn’t I have known? Did I do everything I could? If I had just . . . what? Taken him to the vet sooner? Insisted he be hospitalized? What if I had been home? I might not have been able to save him, but at least in his last moments he would have known I was with him, and maybe that would have made it a little easier for him if not for me. Simply stated, many people (including pet owners) feel that grief over the death of a pet is not worthy of as much acknowledgement as the death of a person,”

A 2002 article in the journal Society & Animals that reviewed multiple studies on pet owners grief  stated that “ it is just as devastating as the loss of a human significant other”.

I went  through this after loosing my ten year old dog Poppy who died due to heart failure in 2015. When I expressed my grief though, I was very surprised by the very open expressive sympathy that friends showed me. Unlike my other dogs, Poppy and I had a deeply profound bond. Many of my friends have said how devastated they were after loosing their furry family members and how long it took them to get over the loss. I have friends that went into the pits of despair with grief and to the edge of a breakdown just as one would with loosing a dearly loved spouse, close friend or family member and  they were struggling to move forward. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, feeling this way about the loss of a dog or a cat or your closest best friend,  who spent more time sharing moments of unconditional love and joy with you than any human friend or family member has.

A dog or a cat or any animal you deeply bond with, whatever it may be, is there for you and loves you unconditionally, you have a daily routine with that animal, you do everything together and they end up being more of a part of your life than some people could ever be and you get a sense they know exactly how you feel most of the time too. It is especially hard for a person living alone to lose such a valuable companion.

When you love something or someone deeply, you have an equal amount of fear in losing the object of your love. My biggest fear in the world was losing my dog Poppy, she brought me so much happiness and joy over the last ten years, more than any amount of fortune or relationship could have given me. We had so many treasured adventures and moments together travelling and our connection was so profound we could read one another’s thoughts, I would just think ‘walkies’ and she would appear ready for me to put her harness on, she read my mind very clearly, all of the time. My only real deep fear was her dying, this I was afraid of for a few years before she actually passed over the rainbow bridge, on the positive side it made me cherish our moments together and live completely in the moment with her. Poppy to me, was the closest I have ever been to having a true soul mate in the body of an animal. She was a person and stood greater in her energy, spirit and wisdom than any human person I have met in my life. She gave me the best reason to be alive every day. Losing her has been the worst and most tragic experience of my entire life until I lost my husband a few years later, I’d still give anything to just feel her body in my arms and her big beating heart and be able to gaze into her soulful eyes.

Though, since having lived the reality of my greatest fear and going through this deep emotional loss, something surprisingly strange has happened after loosing Poppy, she has somehow helped return a fragment of myself, I lost after my early youth, an old emotional  and spiritual part of myself that was always able to laugh in the face of adversity, but after sometime I lost that part of me, and got worn down. Maybe, her angelic presence in the other realms allows her to bring gifts of healing for me, she is a very powerful being for me, somehow a lost part of my prior self, when I was very young, returned only after her passing and she has also been a reason for me to rescue other abandoned cats and dogs or to  discover some information that could help other homeless or abandoned pets in need.

After the lengthy and fragile initial stages of processing grief and loss, it helps a little to change ones perspective, I know this as someone that has lived with severe depression, you learn how to manage it via practising different perspectives, if possible. Despite being isolated physically, I am drawing towards a feeling of something intangible on a soulful level, the soul somehow grows stronger when baring so much pain and loss, it is not easy to put into words.

There are moments where I feel that everything for my spirit will be okay because Poppy’s soul is quite powerful and she has shown me that our deepest fears when lived out, end up providing us with gifts afterwards as they dissolve after surviving them somehow, on different levels. I just cannot put into words how in awe I am of the incredible number of insights my Poppy still teaches me each day from across the realms beyond life and death. I grieve for the loss of her abundant love, joyful spirit and physical presence while her soul is just so strong and bright. it permeates by illuminating my life in so many subtle ways with the ultimate gift of true unconditional love, she is still with me in spirit.

The best thing we can do while we are grieving the loss of our furry or feathered friends, is to realize they found us and taught us unconditional love and to be grateful for the time we had with them. There is a proverb about a boy who lost his dog and apparently after his dog died, he said that the reason dogs have shorter lives than people, is because they already know how to love unconditionally and be joyful all the time, so they don’t need to spend much time here in this realm, whereas people are still learning how to love so that is why we live a while longer.

by Carlita Shaw -this article has been updated since 2015, when it was originally written
Ecologist, Author

Dr Thomas White’s Website In Defense of Dolphins:


More recently The Times acknowledges the work of Dr Thomas White and other scientists research that dolphins are ‘non-human persons’. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/science/article6973994.ece

thinking is difficult

I am writing about a couple of observations this week in communication and observing other peoples dialogue with people (not with me directly) on popular social networks, It saddens me to see people who get stroppy, aggressive and defensive, when others do not agree with every single thing that they believe to be true.

Of course, there is a consensus agreement to a majority of things that make us friends in the first place, such as common ground, common agendas and interests, being kind to animals, caring for the planet, or  seeking what is not true and what is true, as a new consensus of new knowledge because we know that the current archaic conventional consensus of reality is corrupted on many levels. Through this we nurture a general respect for our friends and acquaintances and extend this to strangers. We can appreciate  different perspectives on the consensual reality, everyone has  their own version of it and even the way we communicate it. We all have our own perception of what is real and what is truth, no single perception is the same. I love that people have differences and their own view of the world compared to me, we can learn so much from one another.

You may believe that Global Warming will fry and melt us and that Climate Change is a new thing, whereas some scientists  have studied and observed the 450, 000 year data from the Vostok Ice cores and seen how the climate changes through 450, 000 years where it has been hotter than today’s temperatures pre industrial period, yet people will fight vehemently over these details and today it is blasphemous to have an opposing opinion, people are still afraid of losing their Ph.D funding or being told they are extremists. Perhaps we can all agree, that we need to  have the environment and its care at our best interests? After all, the root of the matter is we must stop destroying the last great wildernesses, Amazon rainforests and oceans, for oil and switch to an alternative fuel. Yet, people still argue, scientists, politicians, campaigners and environmentalists will all completely forget the main objective  we are working towards is to reduce the consumption of oil, which is currently being extracted from the Earth at record breaking levels, about 35 Billion barrels of oil  are extracted per year globally. Why isn’t that the main focus, dealing with the root of the problem? This demonstrates how media causes a mass hypnotic haze, and most people do not think or question at deeper levels or use a different approach or solution. We could all focus on alternative fuels and pressure governments to provide the infrastructure for alternative green vehicles, but the debate is fuelled as its suits various political agendas, divide and rule.  Same as the scientific proof and inventors or  can disagree  of alternative over unity devices, people are making their own all over the world to rely on themselves for alternative energy, yet mainstream physics ignores the phenomena as it doesn’t want to have to accept Aether science and admit the laws are only theories after all. Science was supposed to be an objective topic., using objective methods of experimentation and data extraction. However, politicians and some scientists  in modern society, manipulate scientific data to support their own agendas for profit and exploit people’s ignorance.  Knowledge is suppressed for this very reason. We don’t have to agree on what spiritual or religious practices for either of us to get along, you can believe the Earth is flat, that’s fine with me but don’t accuse or insult others for not agreeing with you, or for not being open minded enough, because we all start out with a basic form of consensual knowledge, which is shaped and changed and carved as individuals walk their own path of truth. We live in among various level of consciousness when it comes to cutting edge topics.

Social media has a tendency to bring out negative attitudes among fully grown adults of they don’t agree on topics in the media that are up for debate,  many have shown rather immature behaviour to others and everyone seems more  defensive and sensitive these days, when others voice a difference of opinion regarding one matter or another. Why do some people want a mirror image of themselves? Why does every comment or opinion have to be agreed with? I am not interested in mirror images of myself, it is just pure narcissism, what is there to learn if that is all your friendships are the same? We all need to shift and grow. Look at what we still don’t know about the world, the universe, Professor Immanuel Velikovsky wrote in his controversial book, Worlds in Collision-

”Man, a being of erect stature, thinks himself the prince of creation. He felt like this long before he, by his own efforts, came to know how to fly on wings of metal around the globe. He felt godlike long before he could talk to his fellow-man on the other side of the globe. Today he can see the microcosm in a drop and the elements in the stars. He knows the laws governing the living cell with its chromosomes, and the laws governing the macrocosm of the sun, moon, planets, and stars. He assumes that gravitation keeps the planetary system together, man and beast on their planet, the sea within its borders. For millions and millions of years, he maintains, the planets have rolled along on the same paths, and their moons around them, and man in these eons has arisen from a one-cell infusorium all the long way up the ladder to his status of Homo sapiens. Is man’s knowledge now nearly complete?

Are only a few more steps necessary to conquer the universe: to extract the energy of the atom—since these pages were written this has already been done —to cure cancer, to control genetics, to communicate with other planets and learn if they have living creatures, too? Here begins Homo ignoramus. He does not know what life is or how it came to be and whether it originated from inorganic matter. He does not know whether other planets of this sun or of other suns have life on them, and if they have, whether the forms of life there are like those around us, ourselves included. He does not know how this solar system came into being, although he has built up a few hypotheses about it. He knows only that the solar system was constructed billions of years ago. He does not know what this mysterious force of gravitation is that holds him and his fellow man on the other side of the planet with their feet on the ground, although he regards the phenomenon itself as “the law of laws.”

He does not know what the earth looks like five miles under his feet. He does not know how mountains came into existence or what caused the emergence of the continents, although he builds hypotheses about these, nor does he know from where oil came— again hypotheses.

He does not know why, only a short time ago, a thick glacial sheet pressed upon most of Europe and North America, as he believes it did; nor how palms could grow above the polar circle, nor how it came about that the same fauna fill the inner lakes of the Old and the New World. He does not know where the salt in the sea came from. Although man knows that he has lived on this planet for millions of years, he finds a recorded history of only a few thousand years. And even these few thousand years are not sufficiently well known.

Why did the Bronze Age precede the Iron Age even though iron is more widely distributed over the world and its manufacture is simpler than that of the alloy of copper and tin? By what mechanical means were structures of immense blocks built on the high mountains of the Andes?

What caused the legend of the Flood to originate in all the countries of the world? Is there any adequate meaning to the term “antediluvian”? From what experiences grew the eschatological pictures of the end of the world?”

Allow other some time and space to have information assimilation, allow people their humanity. Let your friends make mistakes, learn and grow, a true friend allows those things in others.

Being judgemental is more along the lines of being self-righteous and simply serves to fragment social movements and  community of social change that would be more more aware and powerful, if we practised more humility, unity and tolerance and less of the things that the mainstream imperialistic society is dictating to us at the moment….

In the words of David Bohmn who was adept at the art of debate with other great thinkers like Krishnamurti –  “…awakening…the process of dialogue itself as a free flow of meaning among all the participants. In the beginning, people were expressing fixed positions, which they were tending to defend, but later it became clear that to maintain the feeling of friendship in the group was much more important than to hold any position.

Such friendship has an impersonal quality in the sense that its establishment does not depend on a close personal relationship between participants. A new kind of mind thus beings to come into being which is based on the development of a common meaning that is constantly transforming in the process of the dialogue.

People are no longer primarily in opposition, nor can they be said to be interacting, rather they are participating in this pool of common meaning which is capable of constant development and change. In this development the group has no pre-established purpose, though at each moment a purpose that is free to change may reveal itself. The group thus begins to engage in a new dynamic relationship in which no speaker is excluded, and in which no particular content is excluded.
Thus far we have only begun to explore the possibilities of dialogue in the sense indicated here, but going further along these lines would open up the possibility of transforming not only the relationship between people, but even more, the very nature of consciousness in which these relationships arise.”
David Bohm, Unfolding Meaning,

Don’t allow fragmentation by becoming the thought crime police of the alternative movement on what other people should be doing with their time, or how they should be awakening, focus on your own inner work and self-empowerment. If we can work on qualities that enhance and strengthen community, it will contribute to a collective overall goal towards social transformation, freedom and sustainability for preserving the Earth then we can take a shot at going beyond self righteousness and ego. Each of us is a flower in the garden of life.