Transformation is an inside job


Carlita offers coaching to help restore the Art to Living to her clients lives which means to reclaim their spark, mojo, joy,  and especially sacredness to their lives, to enable them to live fuller and richer lives with more  authenticity, self fulfilment, balance in health, body and mind.

Learning to Live again after trauma, PTSD and grief. Mindset, Health and Well-being Coaching, Art of Living, Transform Trauma, Grief, Loss and Depression, Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Carlita’s Books

Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, An Ecological Perspective

The Silent Ecocide, The Environmental Crisis is a Crisis of Human Consciousness


Health and Mindset Coaching

Hypnotherapy is the bridge of transformation that helps people find balance and conviction while they make changes in their lives more easily to rebuild their health. Carlita uses Hypnotherapy to benefit clients who need to make lifestyle changes for serious health issues. Hypnotherapy for Gut problems, Weight loss and Diabetes is equally powerful in helping people dissolve anxiety that comes with nutritional problems, anxiety and stress eating or emotional eating. Dealing with challenges such as weight loss or living with diabetes, requires mindset support while making lifestyle changes to rebuild health. Hypnotherapy for Healing and Life Transformation is such a broad sphere, it depends on each individual’s need.

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Coaching for Gut Directed Hypnotherapy/Diabetes/Gluten Free Living (Best Value)


4 weeks of coaching

Tranceformational Living

All you need to support healing health for weight-loss/gluten free living/ mindset coaching for diabetes/

3-months of coaching

Trance-Formational Living

Are you tired of living with Anxiety and Depression? Learning the Art of Living free after grief, loss, a life time of depression

6-months of coaching

Be The Change Coaching and Hypnotherapy Trance-Formation Center

Carlita lives both in Europe and South America.

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